What’s Hot and What’s Not in September

From Rugby World reader, Larissa Falls

Got any to add?


L’ Aquila Rugby Club…Most certainly deserving of the ‘Spirit of Rugby’ award. The whole of world rugby wishes them the best, and can’t wait to see them rise from adversity. How the spirit of the sport isn’t just confined to the field of play, but lives on off it.

Argentinean Rugby…One of the best announcements this year… the Pumas inclusion in the Tri Nations! For world rugby it means growing the game. For the competition it means a long overdue fresh approach. And for Argentina it means regular internationals. It may have taken too long to happen, but at least it has!

South Africa…They should all just retire. They’ve won everything! A World cup, Lions tour, Tri Nation’s title, and are Super 14 champions, and runners up…can they let someone else have a go! Please! 

Midweek Games…South Africa to play both Leicester and Saracens, and Australia to play Gloucester. How great it is to see a taste of the amateur era still lingering around. If these fixtures throw up anything like the New Zealand- Munster match, then rugby fans are in for a fine treat this November. 


Lote Tuquiri…More brawn than brains! If he did, as alleged in the Australian press, take a 20-year-old women into his hotel room whilst on international duty, and having been previously warned about his conduct…shredding his contract seemed the only option left!

ARU…They seemingly played the two major Melbourne bids against each other in an effort to get them to merge. And whilst waiting, took control over Melbourne’s Super 15 bid. ARU… it’s not all about what you want, but what the people who count want!  And that’s for the team to be run by Victorians.

Gavin Henson’s future…Will he, won’t he? The question on everyone’s lips. Whilst it’s not clear where his future lies (in union, league or neither), one thing’s for sure; his immense talent will not have been fulfilled if he hangs up his boots now.


2 Responses to What’s Hot and What’s Not in September

  1. Peter says:

    Great concept yet so simple! Gives me a quick update of the month for someone who doesn’t follow all the happens from all around the world that closely!

  2. Can you provide more information on this?

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